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I'm not sure we have heard from CCC since late 2017, and yes the CRUZE is going away, but these Visitor Messages are a hoot!


Hello there from Cyprus,

I have exactly this problem with my 2010 Cruze
I spent already too much money on this car due to many mysterious sounds and effects... I am getting really nervous with the dealer because they are trying things and I am paying... At the end I am finding the solutions.

I notice a flowing water sound as you press the throttle a little. The more gas you give it the faster it seems to flow. It almost sounds like rushing water down the pipes of your house after someone flushes the toilet upstairs lol.

I'm guessing it's coming from the heater core in the centre of the dash because the sound seems to be emanating from the footwell area.

I am really disappointed with your car. I wll never never never buy a Chevrolet again.

I hate it.
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