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Just wanted to know if anyone would be interested in customer LED strips.

After ordering 2 20 inch pieces online for 30$ (SMD 335 leds, aka directional) I installed them, only to find that for me the issue was the waterproof injection on them does not take corners well. The result was that it split in 2 and peeled back. Not to keen on having exposed power strips with the winter ahead.

I decided to do my own custom strips using 1 of 2 methods for waterproofing. The easiest and most effective would be clear PVC heat shrink tubing. It would leave the LED strips about 2mm thick, it would not break around bends and is a good solution.

The more expensive solution would be to coat them, this would leave them only 1.25mm thick.

I was curious if anyone else wanted/was looking into LED strips. My automotive background includes wire harness prototyping so this is pretty simple to do. It would only be cost + shipping. You could customize your lenght. Just thought I would ask you guys since your always so helpful.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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