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ppl would be surprised at how low the avg speed ends up being.

my commute is 430 miles, cruise set at 62mph, speed up to pass cars 80 mph...avg speed is always <59mph
I have been meaning to post this. This was from a round trip to Mexico and back. I was extremely impressed with the MPG given the actual drive. I had my cruise control set at 85 mph for the majority of the trip and made quite a few 65-90 4th gear pulls. I also did about 20 miles of in town driving with stop lights which always kills average mph and mpg. Also keep in mind the area I was driving is full of hills even on the interstate, a couple 6% grades up, and of course down but people always jam both lanes riding the brakes doing 60 on the way down. Actual MPG calculated by pump numbers came out to be 34.3

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