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Suddenly, I have a gas smell in the cabin after the car sits (it continues while driving). I can also smell gas in the trunk, but not outside of the car. I'm at a loss, as I do not smell anything under the hood (with the car running or off) and cannot seem to find any leaks anywhere.

Has anyone else encountered this and discovered where the leak was coming from? I really don't want to pay a dealership to "look around" for a few hours if I can at all avoid it.

It is a 2012, 1.4L Turbo
The same thing is happening to me. I've taken my car in twice to the dealership now but they claim they don't smell anything and if they can't smell it they can't fix it. My husband, children and sister have all smelled it so I know I'm not going crazy. Most recently I just basically paid $76 for them to tell me they don't smell gas and didn't do anything argh!!! Why couldn't they just do their dye diligence and check everything to see if there's some problem that could possibly cause the gas smell we smell? Very frustrating!!
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