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as we refer to them down this neck of the woods, thanks for being here, its nice to be able check out some cruze's for once, while I'm home on the couch, and not at the wheel driving past them, as I tend to always do.

I've a 2011, JG , and the thought to stumble across direction for a mod on a ''Rest Pedal'', addition, mostly brought me here,

amongst many other ideas I may pick-up, as I'm doing my own service's now as it's, out of warranty need to get myself totally in the know, on everything, 'Cruze,'

except the timing belt, a bit out of my league.
I'm the 2nd owner, its not done all that many miles / Ks, I've done most of my driving, on country roads, when I first bought it in Sydney, taking it back to Cnbra, (where it was originally purchased), 2 Melbourne, to Canberra, and back x5, Canberra 2 Brisbane & back.

I find this to be a ripper out on the open road, just wind it up a tad in advance for an up coming hill, and its all good, much the same for over taking, (if ur game,) I'm in the base 1.8L ( wish it was the turbo ).

anyhow I hope I may 'also' pick-up some pointers, to tweak it up Acceleration wise, anything would be the bee's knees.


Best Regards
& Safe & happy cruzing : )
av a good weekend in my bestest aussie slang,
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