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Gen 1 cruze issue.

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So basically I bought a 2013 cruze used with 45k on it. And in the year I've had it it's left me stranded 3 times. First a coolant hose blew which wasn't covered under warranty. Then the throttle body need to be replaced again not covered. Now my turbo is junk. I've paid more for this car to be fixed than to put gas in it. Anyone else have frustrations over the gen 1? How difficult is a turbo. Could I do it myself and save me the $2300 they want for everything this time. I am seriously considering telling the dealer to keep it. And I found out yesterday that the gen 1 cruze is on consumer reports do not buy used list. Not fun. Anyone else or is this just me?
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You bought a used car and I suspect it wasn't maintained. While we've had a few coolant hoses leak nothing has blown and stranded the owner. Throttle body replacements, while they occur, aren't frequent. The turbo should be covered under the powertrain warranty. I suspect it blew because the car simply wasn't maintained and the oil not changed, causing the oil feed to the turbo to clog.
Turbo wouldn't be that difficult - you can probably get a used unit from a crashed car and be fine. The whole exhaust manifold and turbo is cast as one unit.

In the future, make sure you use synthetic oil in it. And replace the oil feed line to the turbo with the updated design while you're at it; they are known to leak or sludge up the oil inside from heat and block off oil supply to the turbo.
Thanks for the good info and helpful reply's. I lucked out and it is covered by the extended warranty. Wish I enjoyed driving the car more. Just venting because I bought a non clunker for the first time ever and have had more issues with it then I ever had with my $1000 cars in the past.
Glad you got it fixed. The turbo and oil feed line are covered under the 5 year 100,000 mile power train warranty. You shouldn't have had to pay anything.
How much attention did you pay to the maintenance history on the car?

I can understand why our cars are on a "do not buy used" list - while I love mine and it has been perfectly dependable for 89,000 miles (just changed the front brakes for the first time - still on the original battery, PCV, etc.) they do not respond well to lax maintenance and I'd have be particularly confident a used Cruze with more than about 10K on it was treated right to buy it used.
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