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So overall, it shouldn't do much either way, aside from make a little more noise.

I like noise. My wife probably won't care much, but who knows, she loves telling people she has a diesel and seeing the confused look on their faces.

And yeah, it does make that noise, but oh so quietly, with the stock airbox. Hearing it more would be neat, assuming it's not detrimental to the vehicle's performance/fuel economy. Obviously, the stock air box isn't exactly restrictive to begin with.
I got mine for the noise. It may increase throttle response a bit, bit it's hard to say. In addition though to increasing the noise of the turbo, I find it increases the engine growl quite a bit.
If you're climbing a hill on a long stretch of road or on a highway, you definitely hear the air flow. To most (at least with my filter) the air flow would just sound like leaking air, but I enjoy hearing the sound. If it gets to be a bit much though, some music easily drowns it out.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts