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Gen 1 Pet Peeves

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2014 LT here. Just an informal poll here about what you consider to be a few pet peeves/design blunders/head scratchers of this model. Mine are;

-the position of the front cup holders, which is beside your hip.

-The dash display(s) LED quality including the radio (base Pioneer here). Apart from the quality of the graphics (stick man quality), turning up the brightness seems to merely increase the background illumination rather than the actual digits.

-The radio volume knob has to be rotated several times to increase the volume only slightly.

-The decision to place an oil cooler between an engine block and exhaust manifold, above a hot CAT, and blocking it all by a metal shield reducing airflow.

-The PVC system

-Lack of a trunk release button

Ok, go!!! :cautious:
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I think it’s just to dehumidify from wet carpets from snow in heat mode.

I used to run mine in floor/vent which doesn’t run the compressor (I think), and yeah you could smell the hot plastic when the motor finally got nice and toasty.
I only arrived at that conclusion because I only started smelling it after my AC quit. At first I didn’t know what the smell was and I didn’t realize the clutch was shot. After finding out it was bad on a warm day I thought maybe it was the burnt clutch coil itself I was smelling. But it is now disconnected and I keep smelling it. We’ll see if it goes away after I replace the clutch. To your point, drying the carpet could help prevent mildew so maybe you’re right.
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