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Tim at ZZP did a great job on my 16 Limited. We went back and forth seven times before he was 100% happy with the tune.
It was so weak when I bought it. With my scangauge I never saw more than 13PSI. Now I've seen 20. The car was just plain lackluster, It's now actually fun to drive.
I added their Downpipe at the same time as the tune. I did one step colder plugs, AEM cold air and Magnaflow muffler prior to tune and ZZP mid-pipe afterwards.
The trans shifts so much quicker all the time, not just when driving hard. It will now bark the tires when it hits 2nd gear when you are really in the gas pedal.
I just got 35MPG average on a 1800mile trip (No A\C). I try and use ethanol free 91 when I can, which is found at Caseys in the midwest. Most of this trip was 65-75 MPG. I'll get over 40 if running 60-65 which we do in Rural WI where speed limits are 55 thru the hills, trees and around all the lake communities.
On our trips across Kansas to Colorado at 80MPG I get 32MPG, 30 if AC is on.
In the Flint Hills of KS and the Mountains of CO, this car never loses more than 1MPH going up steep grades, and thats without it downshifting. Boost is a wonderful thing
1 - 1 of 113 Posts