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Gen 1 Tuning Comparision Thread

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I have been seeing a lot of questions lately among members about the various tuning options available for the Cruze. I'm creating this thread to aid those who are trying to make the decision of whether or not to tune their Cruze AND if they decide to tune it, which option they want to go with. If you wish to post in this thread, please only post about YOUR OWN experience with a particular tuning service or personal tuning experience.

In your post, please include the following information:

Vehicle Year, Make, Model, Trim
Engine Size with RPO code (if you know it)
Transmission Type (automatic/manual)
Vehicle Modifications (if any)
Name of Tuner/Tuning Software
Review of YOUR OWN experience with the Tuner/Tuning Software
Cost for Tuning
Dyno Sheet (If you have one) OR Screenshot of power numbers

I hope this thread is helpful.
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts