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Gen 1 UK Spec 2.0 Diesel - Aircon issues

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2010 Cruze LT VDCi 2.0L Diesel, UK Spec, Auto box, 160Bhp.

I've had my car in the garage a few times in recent months with poor (to zero) aircon performance; they've replaced the condenser and its union seals and regassed it goodness knows how many times. They now say that there remains an electrical (possibly electrical) fault which means the compressor only kicks in intermittently. They're pretty certain it's not the clutch on the compressor. I now can't afford any more of their hourly rate... and anyway they don't have an auto electrician.

I've got something of an electrical background so I can think of a number of things which might cause this:

1. The in-car temperature sensor which is flaky and giving intermittent output
B. a loose wire or poor connector somewhere in the aircon system
iii. a gammy relay
5. A knackered computer giving a bad control signal.

I'm certain it's not the "AC" button or its wiring because when I press it, the light comes on and stays on or goes off and stays off. When it's working, I can hear the compressor start.

So - I have a lot of system to explore, and there are no third party (Haynes, Autodata) service manuals for this car that I can find.

PLEASE can anyone lay their hands on some online information (like wiring diagrams, locations of sensors and cables, circuit schematics etc) for this car to assist me in tracking this monster down? Ideally I'd like the aircon working again before next summer comes around (we also have a share of pretty warm weather left this year so if I can get it fixed quick, so much the better?).

I would really appreciate any assistance you guys can give me here. Thank you.
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Mine has been performing poorly for 2 summers now. It works ok at night or in cool temperatures, but gets progressively worse in the sun or as temperatures rise. I've monkeyed around with it and tested various things, and I think I've narrowed it down to being the variable displacement solenoid on the compressor. It's theoretically replaceable, but I haven't been able to locate one for the Diesel (only for the gas Cruze), so I'm looking at putting a whole compressor in.
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