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Gen 2 cruze lt rs 6sp manual

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Put a pause on the drift scene and decided to park my 89 240sx i work at chevy as a technician and decided to pick up the new 2nd gen cruze lt rs as a daily to continue my 240sx build absolutly amazed with my cruze has plenty of pep for the 1.4t motor it comes with very satisfied for a commuting car. I carbon fiber wrapped the front and rear gold parts of the chevy logo really goes with the car now i bought the cruze in the kinetic blue so the gold eblems really didnt go all to well ... intill gm makes the black inserts will be keeping the carbon wrap on them will post pictures later
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Congrats on your purchase. I have the same car in black. It's been a great car so far!
Love those 240sx's, wish I could find a rust free one here in Ohio.
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Welcome to the forum! :welcome:
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