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I'd like this thread to become the "slickdeals" version of buying/leasing a NEW clean title GEN 2 Cruze from a dealership. I'm not sure anyone "likes" negotiating car deals, wouldn't it be nice to have the inside knowledge of what someone paid for a new GEN 2 Cruze, and have one thread to track the current pricing offerings?

Let's keep the one off rebuilt titles/repaired craigslist deals off this thread. We're talking first owner with these deals. We're also talking about Cruze Generation 2 specific. Cruze Limited's have a ton of offers, but I think most of the interest will be in the new GEN 2 version.

Maybe this can turn into an entire sub category under GEN 2, but lets see what happens. I'd like to keep this thread to the point. It's about what's the best pricing deal you've seen, been offered, or better yet actually signed.

National GM offers are easy to find, this thread is about the ability to determine the "slickdeals" price. Let's keep it to actual facts of the offer, vs. what you feel the offer should be, or why you don't like the current pricing offered.

If this becomes a boring thread then so be it.

Please include the following:

Model: L, LS,LT, or Premier
Option Packages: Please List
Best Negotiated Price before discounts:

Incentives applied: Please list, and mention what it takes to qualify for the incentive. Be clear on how to get incentives. For example the GM website pop-up offer. What day did you get it online, so that we can track when GM is running this. How much off was the Cruze? Typically $500 or $1000 and were there restrictions on it? I haven't seen restrictions yet, but it takes time playing in Chrome to get this offer. Many of the folks on follow this offering and that's where I learned about it. If your using a GM Card please break this out. (Not everyone has the same card rules.)

Final Price before tax title and License:

Lease Details if you're leasing vs. Buying.

State where this was offered:

Dealership maybe if bought a car. Someone could go there and try to get a similar offer?:
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