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Gen 2 safety tech

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I have a 16, Gen 2. Today I had a Cruze pass me on the interstate, same color, LT rims. I noticed it had blind spot monitoring in the mirror. I see some generic, non specific information on the Chevrolet website about safety tech. I can not find it when I try and build a 2017. Is it new on the 2018? On the Chevy website, it shows it's optional, but I don't see it when I try to build it.
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I have a 17 Hatch. It is included in the safety package and backup sensors and cross traffic alert.

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And the safety stuff is not offered on the manual versions, if that's what you were trying to spec out. Also not offered with sun & sound on the LT for some dumb reason.
That's what it was, I was trying to option it with a manual transmission, thanks!
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