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Gen 2 speedometer issues

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Does anyone else have an issue in their Gen2, where the digital speedometer is 1.5 MPH off compared to the analog one?

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Which one is right?!

Will eventually get this taken care of during my next oil change, but don't want to go out of my way to get it fixed.
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Oh, I'll absolutely be complaining over this. While it may sound important in the grand scheme of things, I pay my hard earned money for this and I expect a certain level of service from not only GM, but the dealer I purchase from. I've complained over "lesser" things and have had them repaired. It's a deficiency and it'll be repaired, otherwise I'll not use that dealer again and would also consider GM in question as well. It won't get that far, and it'll be repaired when asked for. I've never not once got my way with a reproducible, warranty issue/defect, except once, and involved corporate to resolve it.
Don't read this:

Speedometer Scandal! - Feature - Car and Driver
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