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Gen 2 tail lights

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Hey has anyone figured out why there are 2 white patches in the tail lights of the 2016- present Chevy Cruze? I haven't been able to light up one of them with hazards on, turn signaals, breaks or in reverse or even when the car is parked and it leaves the lights on. Let me know thanks.. I think it's a stupid design. Even the Malibu has the same design.
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I've never paid attention, I thought those were the backup lights. Are you talking about the one on the trunk lid, or the one on the outside?
The ones on the outside don't light up. Those should have been turn signals like they are on the hatch. It definitely part of the design for chevy car tail lights but i don't why they didn't put lights in them. I'm sure you could do if you wanted to.
He is saying the one on the trunk lid lights up, the one on the body does not.
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