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I went through the tutorials in this section and tried to group them in a functional pattern. In general I started at the front of the car and went back. If you think there might be a better way to group items, I'm all ears. If you add a new tutorial and I don't catch it, post a note here so I can add it to the list. You might see duplicates from time to time and that is because to me they belong in a few categories.

How To: Remove Front License Plate Bracket
Lower Grille PlastiDip [How-To]
Making a grill block

How to remove the front bumper clips
How-To Remove and disemble Front Cover
Front bumper (plastic) paint chip and mild scratches
HOW TO: Gain access to side-markers

Chinese Mud Flaps Installed and Jacking Up Your Cruze
How to: Remove windshield wiper arms and windshield cowl
How To: Gen 1 Wiper Nozzle
How to remove the windshield cowl, wiper arms, and wiper tranmission.
How to replace cabin air filter. (Photos)

How-To: Paint and Install a Smoothlock door lock cover
how to: Paint your window sill

Trunk / Emblems:

How-To: Debadge - Rebadge your Rear-End! V4
How to Plasti Dip emblems and debadge your Cruze. With Pics 2015 White Cruze.
Debadging 101
HOW TO...Debadge** Lots of pics!!!
How to Remote open the trunk lid fully
Technostalgia Install, or how to tear apart your trunk (Picture HEAVY!!!)

How To Tint Tailights The Right WAY
How-To: easily remove outer tail lights

Rear Fascia:
How-To Remove Rear Bumper Cover

Australian JH Cruze 2012 Hatch towbar trailer hitch installation
HOW-TO: Install cruze hitch !!!
HOW TO - Cruze trailer wiring - CHEAP alternative!*

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts