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I went through the tutorials in this section and tried to group them in a functional pattern. In general I started at the front of the car and went back. If you think there might be a better way to group items, I'm all ears. If you add a new tutorial and I don't catch it, post a note here so I can add it to the list. You might see duplicates from time to time and that is because to me they belong in a few categories.

How to Remove Headliner
How to add a custom switch panel
How to remove rear view mirror with pictures

How-to: replace cabin air filter. (Photos)

Top Dash Lid Removal w/Pictures
How to remove Silver Trim Pieces for Steering Wheel, Speedometer, Dashboard, Shifter
How To Remove Instrument Panel(Cluster) For Cleaning
How to remove Dash Bezel, Speed Cluster
How To change interior trim pieces
How To Paint AC Vents...
How to remove / paint Speaker Trim
How to Vinyl wrap interior pieces.
Silver dashboard trim removal guide
How to Vinyl Center column...
How-To: Upgraded Instrument Cluster - Non-US

Steering Wheel:
How to remove and replace your steering wheel
Install Working paddle shifters (How-to)
How-To: Disassemble a steering wheel to rehab it.

How-To: Add a Working Paddle Shift Steering Wheel

How-To: Keep armrest in forward position & retain access
Hot Console? Easy Fix.

How-To Remove your front & back seats.
How To Remove headrest, seat, upholstery from Front Seats and Installed Heaters
How-To: Install Rostra Universal Lumbar Kit
How to add power lumbar support.
How To: Install Rostra Lumbar Support - Stock Cloth Seat
How to release rear seat airbag's??

How-To: HVAC Blower Motor Replacement

Good new's everyone! How to replace pressed on shift knobs!
How-to: Replace shifter bushings (remove shifter & center console)
How to shift gear if your car dies: 1.8L cruze

How to: remove your trunk liner
How to Install a GM Spec'd Spare Tire in the ECO MT Trunk
How To: Make A Custom Wood Floor for Your Trunk (With Pictures)
How to fix the hole in your eco trunk
Add S hook to trunk for grocery bags

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Excellent job @Blasirl

Stickkkeeee time!
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