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Gen1 Diesel available Friday.

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Anyone in the Central Texas area looking for a Gen 1 Diesel mine should be available on the lot at Covert Bastrop Friday. Ask for Buster.
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Thought I was going to have to commune into Austin when I bought it. That would has been about 22k per year. Then got offered a job 8 miles from the house at almost the same pay. That and I drive the truck one or two days a week have kept the mile down. Combine that with having to go back to work full time has curtailed my road trips to work at road course races around the country. And I have done the annual Vegas trip since I bought it.

Hoping to re-retire soon and start traveling again.

Im still trying to figure out how Deb puts three time the miles on hers in a year as I do and she is retired.
I don’t drive my car to work and somehow have put 16k on it in a year. Whoops. It’s been fun though.
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