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Gen1 MyLink to Gen2 MyLink Upgrade?

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I was wondering if it was possible or if anyone has tried to upgrade the 2014/2015 cruze (with the 7" MyLink screen) to the newer factory head unit? I know the harnesses are different but it looks lime if adapters could be found from the 44 pin to the 2 separate it looks like 20 pin connectors the head unit itself would fit in the spot. Mainly wanted to get android auto in my car. Thanks!
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It's an interesting thought, but I don't expect they would work likely due to incompatibilities with the BCM and what not. I'd be curious what the difference in pinout is...
That's very true... my other thought is if u were to just get a monochrome display with the same code as the vin calls for. A salvage yard nearby has one. I believe that would have to work if I select that option when flashing the idatalink right?

Thank you!
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