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Gen2 Cruze 1.4 4 door Jacking Points

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Does anyone know the lifting points for a floor jack or hoist on a 2017 gen2 Cruze LS ? .There should be two at each corner. One for the floor jack, and a second for the safety stand. The rear axle beam is too high up between the battery compartment and the trunk spare tire well, to be of any use. One location could possibly be under the pocket that the rear coils spring sits in ? Don't know what is safe in the front, because there are many plastic covers under the engine hiding potential locations from view. I'd like to know where a shop would put the hoist when the tire has to come off to do the front brakes.The locations where the factory jack is to be placed are OK, while the car is new, but with all the salt used on the roads in the winter, this sheet metal rusts and just buckles when trying to lift the car as I know from my two previous GM cars. I hope the car does not need any work for a long time, but I would like to be prepared for after warranty. Any pictures would be great.
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Welcome Aboard!:welcome:----------------------------There is a Gen I thread that list the jacking points, but I not seen any yet for GenII.---------------I would think they are similar though.
Thanks for the picture of the lifting points. It is definately showing the Gen 2 , and they are showing the weld flanges. With time these will rust and not be strong enough to support the weight of the car without buckling. There should be two jacking points at each corner, one for the floor jack and a second for a safety stand.
I don't have a GEN2, or access to a GEN2, the opinion provided below is my opinion based on similarities to the GEN1, and my experience. Not responsible for damage to you or your car. (In this day in age it's sad we have to say this, but we do..)

In the video below at 13:14 you can see two frame rails, about 4-6 inches in from the pinch weld.. You can see the overlap of two pieces of metal.. I think I counted 3 or 4 small holes stamped in this rail. That's a similar design to where I jack with the GEN1.

If you can get some pictures and throw them up on the forum of the underside of a GEN2 I'm sure you'll get help.

For a jackstand on the GEN1 there is a pad with holes in it right behind the front wheels. I don't know if the GEN2 has this. This is the contact pad location for the lifting device that holds the frame of the car on the assembly line at Lordstown. Google enough Cruze Video's and you'll see this yellow cage type device around the frame.

I put the stand there on a GEN1. I use a thin oak board, about half inch thick by 3 inches wide to cover the jack pad, and I picked up some Red Torin rubber jack stand pad covers for the stands.

I have also used a hockey puck with no grove in it. It works for me, but I use new pucks every year. I can get pucks anywhere in the local area being in the midwest.
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I don't want to damage my car by jacking at the wrong locations either. Thanks for the link to the video. It shows the Premier model which has a different rear suspension than the LS that I have. I posted some pictures of the underside of my Cruze. I can't get further under the car when it is up on the ramps that I have, to get better pictures.
Thanks for the pictures. I don't think the cruze has a great location to lift the front or rear from the center of the car. It looks like there might be some engine cradle exposed, behind the first catalytic converter, but that's too risky for me.

In the rear I would lift at the bottom of the spring perch if it's all steel and has no plastic splash covers. As far as a stand, I'd look for something on the body infront of the rear wheel. Even if that is a pinch weld. Remember, the back doesn't have much weight on these cars, but you have to have the stand such that at least 3-3 inches are touching the pinch weld. Not just a pure edge of the stand.

Here's a picture with my crude paint skills for the rear.

Vehicle Auto part Car Family car

Here's a picture with some paint marks of the front.

Again, I wouldn't go in from the front with a floor jack, I'd be looking for structure from the sides of the car behind the wheels. Tire shops use the pinch welds with their hoists. I've also seen that round part right behind the front wheel about 2-3 inches behind the pinch weld used for front hoists in pictures. It looks like the GEN2 has that point similar to the GEN1. I tried to mark that in the picture below.

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I'm also not sure where the fuel and brake lines are in relationship to the Cruze GEN2 body. The GEN1 puts them a fair ways inside the edges of the car. Almost down the center. With the car being new, you should be able to see the shiny metal brake lines from the ABS controller, down the firewall and under the car. Mine aren't in any frame rails, so I'm comfortable lifting from there.

I think once you take some pictures from the side of the car the body frame will become more visible. However, I'm guessing these frame rails "disapear" in the rear. But they might be usable in the front.
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Just noticed that my favorite online GM Parts guide now includes information on the GEN2.

Anywhere on the engine cradle part #8 would work, but I'm guessing it might be covered with plastic panels?

Here's another video that google found. Possibly a stand right where this guys thumb is at 2:10. His lift is using the pinch weld with blocks.

Not sure if the video below is similar to a north American Cruze, but these guys do a thorough walk through of both the engine compartment and the underside.

I don't know how google found this, but it did. I couldn't figure out how to translate it. Google Translator just does written works to my knowledge, not text. This is Korean if anyone knows how to translate it.
Thanks for the links to the 2 videos.Good job finding them, they are excellent. If not exactly the same ,the Chinese Cruze is very similar. They do seem to use the pinch welds as jacking locations.There are a lot of plastic panels under the front of the car. I think under the spring tower is a good location at the rear of the car. At 4:43 in the second video, there is a large pad with a hole in it just inside of where they have the hoist located, that might work at the front. I know where the brake lines are ,they are painted black now, so they should not rust through as quickly.
Next time I am out near a dealer, either where I bought my Cruze, or another dealer I will stop in, and if they have a Cruze on the hoist I will take pictures if they let me into the shop.
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