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Getting back in the Cruze game

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Now that I have my 2 performance cars built up, I don't want DD them any more and need to get a new DD. However, I'm not looking for another car payment so was going to buy used and was considering getting another Cruze. I'm expecting $10k-$12k. My concern and question is which Model/year should I get? Since it's going to be used, I'll have to buy parts and do the work on it when things go wrong so which model/year has a. fewer issues b. has parts availability. It's been a while since I've been on the forums so not up-to-date with common issues.

Having said that, I was hoping to get a 1.4T A/T. So again, feeling like a noob, what is the reliability for 2011-2013 models?

My 2011 Eco was not bad when I wasn't messing with it, but without that warranty, I'd have been hosed.
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2014-16 limited, or wait for the new 16's to show up on the used car market.

As an AT, I think the new 16 feels like much better DD material than the first gen. The '13/some '14 automatics are prone to stupid clutch issues.

2011 automatics are the worst of the bunch for AT/engine reliability.
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