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I'm a person who takes pride in my vehicle. I use the highest octane and in my opinion the best oil, Castrol Edge Synthetic. Since my Cruze is turbo I check fluids, belts, hoses, etc very often. I've had only a few warranty issues that have been covered as well as recalls. From the day I bought car I've been dealing with attitudes and even threats from the dealership. I bought my car including arrangments for dealer installed rally stripes since I was leaving numerous aftermarket parts on my trade in. Now, I'll build on that sentence, aftermarket parts. I originally told the salesman I wanted all the aftermaket parts from my trade in and would give the dealership the original parts, or re-install the originals myself. The dealership's appraiser included these parts in the trade to improve my trade in value. When I corrected him and said no, I wanted the parts. He said those parts increase my trade in considerably as well as improves the resale of that car. Reluctantly I agree with the stipulation, the dealer includes and installs the rally stripes on the hood, roof and trunk. They hesitate but say it shouldn't be a problem. A few days later, I call and ask about making an appointment for the stripes. I'm told the installer won't do it because the stripes are too big. Strange since the GM stripe kit for the Cruze is half the width of the Camaro stripes, which a friend just had done by this dealership.
Now since I like too add my individuality to my cars, I decided to do my own stripes and had the whole car done in less then two hours. I then decided to give my Cruze a more muscular appearance at the rear. I went to a local exhaust shop who has done my exhaust work for years. They also make their own custom systems and are authorized dealers of MagnaFlow and Flowmaster. I only wanted the look and had no intension of affecting the emissions warranty. They installed a custom split just after the factory muffler and with stainless pipe and MagnaFlow tips made duals similar to the Chevy SS. At my first oil change, a comment was made to me by an counter person and an older service tech about the stripes on my Cruze. He said that by adding the stripes I voided my finish warranty because in about 10 years, when the stripes are removed, the paint will have faded except where the stripes are. I told him in 10 years I doubt I'll still have the car and wouldn't care. The tech then see the duals and informed me that I had voided the emissions warranty. I said the emissions is controlled from the catalytic converter froward, the muffler controlled the sound. He persisted and even threatened that if I installed a K&N air filter, they would flag my car and not service any warranty issues. He then kept trying to belittle me and then commented on the window tint. I asked him what warranty I messed up with the tint but he just walked away.
While changing my oil, I noticed a oil leaking from the oil pan. I took my Cruze in and found out several people had been complaining about the counter staff which ended in two people being fired. Keep in mind, I had been using a drop in K&N air filter for almost a year by now. I started hearing a random squeal when driving away from a stop light or when leaving the lot at work. The squeal did not happen all the time, just randomly. I took it to the dealership and spoke with the service manager who set an appointment for August 26th. They found nothing even though the car squeeled when I left work. They checked fluids, hoses, belts, etc. I drove my Cruze to work that night and had no problems until pulled into my driveway and saw the check engine light on. Took my car back to the dealership on the next business day along with some research. I had used my OnStar for a live diagnostic and was told there was an intake code and and exhaust code. I checked the filter and it was fine, so I took the hose off the intake and found oil being sucked into the turbo. I then found that the PCV valve is molded into the valve cover. I the found a video of a Cruze owner having the same problem. Next I noticed oil had been leaking out the valve cover gasket which is common with a faulty PCV valve due to the pressure build up. Luckily they fit me in and found the PCV was bad. For two days I enjoyed touble free driving until tonight, the check engine light came on. Again I call OnStar and am told the turbo isn't performing up to specs and it should be serviced within one day. I flashback to the oil being sucked into the turbo from the bad pcv. I actually thought they would have cleaned that out but it appears this is now affecting the turbo. Going to call in the morning because this will obviously be waranty. What started as an enjoyable vehicle to drive has now become a pain. Admittedly the dealership has been doing a great job recently which makes up for their poor customer service, but now I'm to the point that I am considering trading my Cruze in and taking the loss just to get out from under the car. My few attempted conversations with GM/Chevy customer service to try to resolve my early issues have been in vain since I could not understand anything that was said. I couldn't even figure out what language this person was speaking. I am loading pics of my Cruze.
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