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Hey everyone, about a month ago I had a question about using the USB port with the Cruze's stereo, and everything is fine so thanks for the help everyone. I have another question now though after playing with it for almost a month. I have a USB drive plugged in with about 2,000 songs on it. My question is... when I'm searching for a song or an artist through the "search" menu, how can I get it to come up where I choose a letter first, and then resume my search instead of just scrolling through one huge list forever? It seems like sometimes after scrolling a bit it'll then ask me to pick a letter, and other times I just keep spinning the dial until I find the song I want without it ever asking me for a letter. I can't reliably get it to ask me to pick a letter first. The owner's manual wasn't any help. With 2000 songs on the flash drive it really sucks trying to get to those songs in the middle of the alphabet when you've either got to start from A and go forward or backwards! Any ideas? Most of the time I just leave it on random anyway, but still, once in a while I'm in the mood for a specific song. Thanks guys.

The previous posters are correct, you can do this by turning the Multifunction Knob fast and the alphabet will appear. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me.
Thank you,,
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