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Can get that letter bit to work in Artists, but not in song titles. Letter "A" pops up, can rotate much slower to the letter you want. Could try connecting my drill to that multifunction know, maybe not spinning it fast enough. See that songs starting with "The", the is ignored starting alphabetically with the rest of the words. Other MP3 players we have, a whole bunch of songs starting with "The" and have to scroll down to the "T's"

Using my homemade folders, that works just fine for finding the music I feel like listening too. If I can remember which folder I put that song in.

Could also diverse a bit in the thread and talk about scrolling through 228 channels on XM. Don't forget to look out the window once in awhile, to make sure you are still on the road.

Ha, always get that warning sign when switching on my GPS to keep your eyes on the road, but nothing like that on the radio. Cruze owners manual sure covers that warning while driving, come to think of it, that is all the owners manual covers about the radio. Stuff you need to operate it seems to be ignored.
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