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Getting new rims/ Tires for 15 Chevy Cruze

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I am currently have a 2015 Chevy Cruze LT. I am looking into getting 18 inch wheels, and thinking about a small offset as well. I have a blue ray metallic cruze. I am looking for suggestions and ideas on a few things.
1. What color you guys think would look best... ( I am thinking gold, black or a gun metal gray)
2. Would 18 or 17's be my best bet ?
3. What offset would you suggest outside of the fender? I like the look of the wheel outside the fender a little but not to much but open to numbers that you guys have seen/tried
4. Finally If i get the 18 inch wheels, with a small offset outside the fender what would you guys suggest , if any, lowering kits?I live in western PA so I can't go to low but I would like to drop a little.
Any help/suggestions/ ideas would be awesome!
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For proper fitment with any aftermarket wheels/tires, be sure the installer has an updated wheel/tire spacing guide (or you have the table for the cruze if doing yourself) Springs are usually included in these guides.
This is a general rule for all cars but.. Im sure other people can recommend what fits and looks good.

Personally, I would go 18'' but your fuel econ. will probably decline slightly. Depends on the weight of the wheels, aftermarket ones are usually much lighter than stock (size being equal), forged or not, so u have a good shot at actually not losing unsprung weight with 18s themselves, depending on how wide you go. Still, can't go wrong with 17s.

If you want to be outside the fender slightly, spacers would IMO be better than wide wheels/tires.

I would also go with black wheels; i love black wheels (satin black) on blue cars.

With wheels/tires and lowering springs, be mindful of how your ride is gonna change- handle slightly better yes, but you will no longer be able to just "cruze" over speedbumps.
Just something to keep in mind. Also, make sure to get a 4 wheel ALIGNMENT ~7 days after the springs/wheels/tires are installed. (to let the springs settle/break in)
Also, make sure color and wheel size are what YOU want :)
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I see your from western PA as I myself am south of Pittsburgh! Also, I thin black rims would look good on your blue metallic cruze.
I have the blue ray metallic LS I was wondering the same thing .I think I'm going to go black but don't know what size or offset waiting to see what you guys have to say as well as I live in southern PA right around Gettysburg
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