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Getting new Struts/shocks Today

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As I mentioned in another thread, I thought I would try some mods on my current car vs buying a new one; Well I am trying new shocks and front end alignment to see how the car rides then. I am looking at 79100 on the Odo and
I am noticing some suspension wear so. We'll see what comes of it all after completed. $900 for the ball of wax hope it makes some noticeable change 900 beats the 9000 for a diff car.
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So you went with new front struts and springs that were mounted as an assembly from Monroe? If I recall correctly some early 2012's were built with 2011 springs, and they changed the spring height part way through the year. I've looked at shocks, and most of them have a VIN break as part of part description.

These quick struts fit with no modifications on a 2012?

Then standard Monroe shocks in the back? I don't think I've seen replacement rear springs.

I'm getting my first set of tires next Monday. I have 58,000 on the factory Firestone 710's. Hopefully the new tires are a bit more quiet.

Guessing you had it done at a shop for $900? For that much I may let the OEM ones ride a little longer. Guessing with quick struts they should just bolt in right? No spring compressors required?
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