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Give me my Key back!!!

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I had my first issue with my Cruze yesterday. The wife took it to work (school, 1.5 miles away)and called me at home from the car saying that she could not get the key out of the ignition. I figured she didn't have it in Park and told her to try a few things. Long story short, I took my truck over there and she was right. I could not remove the key because the ignition would only go back to the "Acc" position.

I left her the truck & took the Cruze home and put it in my garage. Nothing I did helped with getting the ignition all the way off and the key out. I did not want to leave it that way too long because the dash lights were staying on. I called Onstar and after answering stupid questions like what color is your Cruze, all they could do was send a tow truck to take it to my local dealer. I told them to forget it and I will drive it there myself.

The dealer was not open yet so I disconnected the negative terminal to the battery and went inside to Google some answers. I discovered that the Cobalt had a similar issue and found a way to remove the key. There is a small hole under the ignition (bottom of steering column) where I was able to insert a small screwdriver. Jiggling it a bit, I was able to turn the ignition off and remove the key.

I dropped it off at my dealer (brought my trusty screwdriver with me) and they were clueless as to the problem since they never saw it on a Cruze before. They did mention a similar problem with the Cobalt.

They gave me an ugly HHR to use while they diagnose & hopefully fix the issue. I'll let everyone know the outcome once it is fixed. It sux having a problem on a 6 week old car. :mad:
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Sometimes you need to slightly rotate the steering wheel for some reason, aside from stepping on the brake.
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