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GM 1.5 engines melting pistons

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I didn't see anything on this. Sorry if it was already posted. A friend of mine at a dealership said that they have had to replace pistons on four new vehicles so far.
Chevy's New 1.5L Engines Are Melting Themselves | Shifting Lanes
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So much FUD in the comment section it's not even readable.
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The article mentions the 1.5T in a Cruze, but the Cruze doesn't get the 1.5. As far as I know it's only used in the Malibu.

Also that sucks. Hope they're able to figure that out.

So much FUD in the comment section it's not even readable.
You'll run into the same problem with any youtube video titled " X brand of car BLEW it's engine!!"
This is old news. They have since been recalled. An ECU update and stipulation to use full synthetic Dexos 1 oil addresses the issue of low speed preignition in these engines. Basically they detuned the low end torque a little bit and slightly enriched the fuel mix.

Haven't heard of any issues with them since. The engine is also used in the new Equinox in a slightly higher state of tune than the Malibu (and frustrating transmission programming).
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