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So, in February of this year I posted about a bad glow plug which caused all sorts of headaches and issues for me. The car spent 32 days at the dealer and had to have a new cylinder head installed as they couldn't get the bad glow plug out.

The dealer was great to deal with, however GM Canada was initially a nightmare. That said, I raised my concerns with them and my case was forwarded to the "Executive Review Team". I explained that I was concerned about the extensive engine repair that had been done so early in my ownership and inquired about some extended warranty coverage. To my surprise, GM agreed, and I was provided with the "Total Plus" Protection Plan with a $100 deductible to cover me for an additional 60,000 km past the initial B2B warranty. I received the warranty package this week, and I'm happy to have coverage now until 120,000 km or 5 yrs from in-service date.

Just wanted to share that a little patience, persistence and politeness in resolving a dispute with GM can have a positive outcome for us Cruze owners.

Happy Cruzing!

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