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GM/Chevy MyLink Install?

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Hey all. I have a stock 2012 Cruze stereo "head unit", and I'm looking to upgrade. I'm thinking something (double din?) aftermarket - I really want navigation. So I'm thinking something like Pioneer AVIC series.

However, can you buy and install a "MyLink" unit from GM in our cars if it didn't come with it stock? And does it have GPS nav? I'm thinking unless it's a good buy, it's probably not as good as an aftermarket brand....?

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With all of the work that is needed to properly install an Aftermarket H U there should be eaier access for the Mylink H U ..

It reaaly should depend upon what links will need to be established for Power supply and what the H U needs to fully function ..

Installation Parts for Car Stereo Installers - Harnesses, Dash Kits, Bluetooth, Tools, Do it Yourself Stuff

The BCM Cotrols your SWC Controls .. we really do not want to mess around with this ..

Frankly we are fortunate to have a multitude of Integration Modules to finees an Install .
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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