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DRF in engineering, design reserve factor. Simple example you weigh 200 pounds and use a 200 pound test line to climb the side of a cliff would have a DRF of 1. Perhaps would prefer having a 400 pound of test line with a DRF of 2 or maybe even more.

One thing for sure the greater the DRF the greater the cost. How about this from marketing, and is true, in doing a computerized statistic program, looking over a wide variety of scenarios, like how many people only weighing say 100 pounds, etc.

Based on these statistics, and manufacturing cost, warranty life and repairs, using a DRF actually far less than one, if more profit and be made saving in manufacturing cost as opposed to warranty cost. Use a DRF less than one on a given component. Engineers tend to be more conservative on issues like this, marketing and bean counters are just the opposite.

If certainly prevailing conditions occur, could be one of those guys that hit that DRF 1 number, and to make the manufacturer really happy, you will do this after your warranty expires.

Again, telling you how it is.
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