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I would like to introduce myself as a Chevrolet Customer Assistance Representative from the GM Social Media group. The GM Social Media team is responsible for scanning over sixty forums, including this one, in order to provide customer service to those who utilize them. While we are not able to provide technical assistance, we are able to help in terms of customer assistance. This would include interacting with the customer in hopes that we can reach some kind of resolution together. We are looking forward to assisting those with concerns on the site. I can understand and appreciate you wanting to ensure that this is a legitimate outreach from GM. We are eager to be joining this online community and hope that we are able to provide some assistance here. Thank you.
Stacy Chevrolet Customer Service
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It would be easy enough for the forum admins to contact this person to confirm them as legitimate. This is a "real" program that has been around for a while, whether you buy it or not.

GM hires social-media team to track complaints on Web

THANKS for the link to this article. This was news to me! I admit that I have not been in this forum as often as I used to be, but this new service from GM completely passed me by! I would think that GM would be touting this service more than they do or have. I can't believe I missed this. I am in this particular topic right now because I am reading up on this Stacey rep. I only recently have seen her posts and had NO clue who she was. Someone just posted the link to this topic where she introduces herself. MAYBE she should put the link to this topic in her signature so that people like me who had no clue who she was could become enlightened!
I would like to say that for a period of time after I had made my introduction that I was unable to post on this thread due to technical issues. Like I have stated I am a Customer Service Representative for Chevrolet. I am here to assist you with any issues that you may have as well as answer any questions that you may have. Please feel free to message me.
Thank you,
Stacy Chevrolet Customer Service

In the original topic where you introduced yourself, I wrote that MAYBE you should put THAT link as to who you are, in your signature, so that people like me who have not been in the Cruze topics for quite a while, will know who you are without having to ask or search all over.
I would like to thank you for your suggestion. I have added a link to this thread to my signature line. Please continue providing me with your feedback as well as suggestions.
Thank you,
Stacy Chevrolet Customer Service

You're welcome! That's why I'm here-to help if I can!

Since you monitor this forum you have obviously seen a lot of threads about various tunes that improve the performance of the Cruze. Do you feed back the fact that the Cruze can be tuned to perform better (not who is using the tunes, but just the results they are reporting) so that Chevy/GM can work with these tuning companies to improve the vehicles?

WOW! GREAT question, but do you REALLY think GM will admit that some other company can fix their shifting problems with the 2011 Cruzes? Bet you get either an indecisive answer or no answer at all.
You might note that a company like Trifecta, can not speak to how the changes affect durability of the trans. If it's such a great thing, why don't they provide a warranty equal to GM's?

IF the transmissions in our 2011 Cruzes are so great and were tested for 4 million miles, why can't GM get them to shift better/smoother?
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I've really been impressed with some aspects of GM's customer service. When I was Volt shopping, they assigned me a "personal Volt Assistant" or something like that. It was an actual specific person with number I could call and either talk to them or leave a message on their voice mail. Pretty amazing.
Sounds good, but that's probably because they want to sell them. They're sitting on dealer lots. I don't think they'll be around long.
Exactly! Its funny how nice they are when they're trying to get you to buy their $50,000 car...
As soon as you sign on that dotted line, see if that 'personal Volt assistant" is still around!
This is a reply to my issue regarding the radio/nav/cd. Issue: The cd player will not pick up the first 2 tracks and display the song title or artist,,,but it will on all other tracks. This happens to any cd that is put in,,,forst 2 tracks nothing displayed, then on all other tracks song title is displayed.........really wierd. He is what happened when I took it in,,,NOT TO HAPPY!!

Took My car to Graves Chevy in Humboldt, TN,,,they never seen anything like it before. They had the car ALL day,,,calling GM dealer assistance to help them out with the issue. Bottom line,,,,nothing was done,,,,,,GM dealer assistance said that they would have to "research" the issue,,,I came armed with a dozen cd's,,,everything played great,,,and the track information was listed on all cd's,,,EXCEPT for the first 2 tracks..!!! Don't mean to be rude,,,but really,,,replace the unit (car only 1 week old and less than 800 miles,,,first owner),,,but They let me go back home and now I have to waste another day to take it in,,,,,,,,UNREAL!!!

Did it dawn on any of these "technicians" to put your CDs into ANOTHER Cruze to see how they act???????
Yep it did, BUT they don't have any Cruze's on their lot with the infotainment system. BTW, the Cruze and the Equinox share the same infotainment system,,,according to the dealer! far no word from the dealer, Chevy, or anybody else for that matter. Amazing how many friends I had buying the car,,,and now they're all hiding. My salesman said something very brilliant to em when I explained my issues,,,,"If I were you, I would call Chevy,,,,,,,,,,,,real nice!!!
I didn't realize it was a 2012 model you were talking about. Isn't the infotainment system STANDARD on the 2012s? Maybe I'm a little confused here because I just saw a 2013 Malibu the other day with that new radio. Does the 2012 Cruze have that radio now too?
Stacy helped me out.

Am I wrong or SHOULD the condenser and rock shield be installed under warranty if it is a POOR DESIGN by GM? This should not involve Stacy at all. The dealer should be aware of this poor design and replace it without any hassle!
If repairs were made by a dealership before GM granted authorization to warranty an item, I wouldn't expect a dealership to call every item that has already been repaired and offer a refund. This would mean they would have to pay out of their own pockets and spend time requesting refunds from GM corporate I assume. If someone with that situation asked stacy, she may (or may not) be able to contact people within GM that you or I couldn't to find out the answer to these questions.

Keep in mind, a dealership isn't going to warranty any and every little issue that pops up nation (or world) wide on every single vehicle. It takes time for GM to realize something like IS a design flaw and then they have to turn around and spend millions fixing it for free. Same goes with any company. From what I've read, the condenser was only recently recognized as a design flaw requiring warranty fixing.

Is it really that difficult to type a few keys to ask someone to help you? Especially if it was much easier then actually going to talk to the dealership blindly?

Stacy is here to help guys, stop questioning it and start taking advantage of it!

Am I missing something here or was this posted back in JANUARY!

There was a TSB for this problem and it clearly stated to install the shield on non-ECO cars. It came out on 07/01/11.
2011Cruze -- Supplemental repair required for HVAC condenser inoperative/replacement due to foreign material impactDo install the front bumper lower fascia center grille in addition to the condenserDo not just replace condenserBulletin # PI0461

This is what I was referring to. The dealer SHOULD be aware of the TSB especially since it's been rectified on the 2012 models just like the transmission shifting! They should also be aware that it is under warranty. I guess SOME dealers go the extra mile and others don't give a ****.
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I have a 2013 cruze and am experiencing the all too common coolant smell. Three attempts by the dealer have not resolved this issue. Although the dealer has been helpful and is working at it the problem is still there and is a major issue. Any outreach from Chevy would be appreciated if we can get this issue resolved. Thank You
Sorry to hear that the Cruze is STILL having this problem! It's been going on since 2011. ONE more thing they never found in their FOUR MILLION miles of testing! Hope they have a fix soon because I cannot imagine that this is very healthy breathing in those fumes.
Have a 2011 Cruze with 47, 000 kms. It has been in to dealer 3 times for coolant smell in cab of car. It has had a pressure test and dye added, now has had a seal , tube installed . On drive home could still smell coolant. What can I do to get this resolved?
Get rid of it before you end up having health problems like someone else who posted here in another topic area! He had $7,000 in medical bills and a $50,000 hospital bill due to this antifreeze smell! He has documentation for everything. A TV station in Atlanta is going to take up his cause this coming week. He has a lawyer involved now and is trying to get a class action lawsuit going for everyone having this problem. GM says they're working on it, but this has been going on since 2011 until the present! Does NOT seem to be a priority for them! MAYBE if it receives NATIONAL TV EXPOSURE, GM will get off their A$$$ and do SOMETHING constructive to help these poor owners! So much for their new "customer service" program to try and keep their customer base! MORE BS from GM!
I asked that fellow to send me proof of his medical bills to my personal e-mail address. I never heard from him again.

Do you always believe everything you read on the internet?

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To answer your question- NO! WHY would he send YOU his personal medical bills? Can you resolve his problem and buy back his car? I guess time will tell if the TV station films his story. Just because YOU didn't hear from him, doesn't mean he's a fake!
Before you start typing in all caps, it might be a good idea to ask questions to get some clarification.

Why would he send me proof of his claims? Because he offered to when I asked him about it to make sure he wasn't just a troll (you would be surprised how many we actually get who post an issue and are never to be heard from again), and when I took him up on his offer, he was never heard from again.

First off, I DON'T type in ALL caps, just the words I want to emphasize!

Secondly, I am NOT a mind reader. How would I know that he agreed to send you his information. You didn't state that. Maybe his lawyer advised him not to send you any info for whatever reason.

Like I said before- time will tell if he's a flake or a winner!
GM warranties are good for 36K miles/36 months from the time first placed in service, regardless of whether you are the original owner or not. Find a different dealership for service as the one you purchased it from is a crook. Also, take Jackie up on her offer.
If angrywithchevy is from another country, is the warranty still 3/36?
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