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I would like to introduce myself as a Chevrolet Customer Assistance Representative from the GM Social Media group. The GM Social Media team is responsible for scanning over sixty forums, including this one, in order to provide customer service to those who utilize them. While we are not able to provide technical assistance, we are able to help in terms of customer assistance. This would include interacting with the customer in hopes that we can reach some kind of resolution together. We are looking forward to assisting those with concerns on the site. I can understand and appreciate you wanting to ensure that this is a legitimate outreach from GM. We are eager to be joining this online community and hope that we are able to provide some assistance here. Thank you.
Stacy Chevrolet Customer Service
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Well like everyone else here, mine is doing the same thing, except that I don't have the auto climate control. If I put the heater control on high,,it will blow hot air,,,crank it down to outside air only,,,still blows VERY warm air,,,car has only 545 miles on it. What gives.....???? Unfortunately out of town on business with the car,,,sooooo I guess I have to have it set on air to keep it comfortable.....then take it to the delaer,,,,,another wasted day. Too bad this isn't a shirt,,,,I would take it back and get my money..!!
This is a reply to my issue regarding the radio/nav/cd. Issue: The cd player will not pick up the first 2 tracks and display the song title or artist,,,but it will on all other tracks. This happens to any cd that is put in,,,forst 2 tracks nothing displayed, then on all other tracks song title is displayed.........really wierd. He is what happened when I took it in,,,NOT TO HAPPY!!

Took My car to Graves Chevy in Humboldt, TN,,,they never seen anything like it before. They had the car ALL day,,,calling GM dealer assistance to help them out with the issue. Bottom line,,,,nothing was done,,,,,,GM dealer assistance said that they would have to "research" the issue,,,I came armed with a dozen cd's,,,everything played great,,,and the track information was listed on all cd's,,,EXCEPT for the first 2 tracks..!!! Don't mean to be rude,,,but really,,,replace the unit (car only 1 week old and less than 800 miles,,,first owner),,,but They let me go back home and now I have to waste another day to take it in,,,,,,,,UNREAL!!!
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Did it dawn on any of these "technicians" to put your CDs into ANOTHER Cruze to see how they act???????
Yep it did, BUT they don't have any Cruze's on their lot with the infotainment system. BTW, the Cruze and the Equinox share the same infotainment system,,,according to the dealer! far no word from the dealer, Chevy, or anybody else for that matter. Amazing how many friends I had buying the car,,,and now they're all hiding. My salesman said something very brilliant to em when I explained my issues,,,,"If I were you, I would call Chevy,,,,,,,,,,,,real nice!!!
I didn't realize it was a 2012 model you were talking about. Isn't the infotainment system STANDARD on the 2012s? Maybe I'm a little confused here because I just saw a 2013 Malibu the other day with that new radio. Does the 2012 Cruze have that radio now too?

I don't know what some people call infotainment, I ass-umed that it was the upgraded radio/nav/pioneer system,,,,maybe I'm wrong which could very well be. Looking at all of the posts here to "Stacy",,,I find it very interesting that virtually nothing happens when you forward your information to her. I am almost into thinking that all of the information is just for tracking purposes and really nothing more. I don't ever recall anyone writing on the board and telling how much "Stacy" has helped in getting their situation resolved....again maybe I'm wrong,,,but I'm starting to think otherwise, since I have sent my name, address,phone and VIN to her,,,hmmmm!
Stacy- Still waiting to hear either from you, or the dealer regarding issues with my "new" vehicle. Information that you requested has been sent.............updates???????
Stacy, I don't know if you got my e-mail or not regarding my radio issues....if not I will resend..........

Thanks Walt
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