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[h=2]General Motors is beating a retreat from one of the world's hottest car markets.[/h]The company said Thursday it will stop selling its cars in India by the end of this year, following a "comprehensive review" of plans for the country.

Just two years ago, GM (GM) said it would pour $1 billion into its India operations. That plan has been scrapped as part of a bigger rethink of global operations. The company is also pulling out of South Africa. It is selling its production facilities in the country to Isuzu Motors (ISUZY) and will stop selling Chevrolet vehicles by the end of 2017.
GM will continue to make cars in India for export. Vehicles made at the firm's plant near Mumbai will be exported primarily to Mexico, South America and Central America, it said.

GM will stop selling cars in India and South Africa - May. 18, 2017
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