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GMOS-044 on Chevy Cruze 2012 LT 1.8L

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Good day Gurus,

I need your help regarding GMOS-044 interface. Basically, I already installed all the components but the only issues that I'm having are the followings;

1.) No "ticking" sounds when on hazzard lights
2.) No "ticking" sounds on turning signals
3.) No "ding" sounds when i reached 120kph
4.) No backing up sensor sounds when gear is on reverse.
5.) No center display.

Appreciate if someone can help me with these.
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For #1, 2 and 5 (sorry, I don't have #4 and have never noticed #3 on my cruze), make sure you attached the ground wire with the loop on the end from the GMOS044 harness to an appropriate point on the new radio you are putting in. The documentation suggests the ISO screws on the side of the radio, which you would have to screw in anyway to use the dash kit. Put it in against the side of the radio before you screw the rest to it. Without that, a lot of the other stuff from the interface box does not work.

Also, is your relay hooked up or has a wire come loose? It's on the one bunch of wires that goes into the box.

If you need a pic later of any of this I can grab one.

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Thanks for your reply bro..

I already ground the wire from the side of the aftermarket radio but it gives me the same thing..

When i bought the Metra GMOS-044 I did not remove any wires from the relay. There are only 2 wires connected on it.
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