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Hey guys and gals. A question regarding documenting your drive and an easy way to edit and put that drive to video. I'd like to do a series on the Cruze. More to the point, I'd like to do a series of California mountain roads and show what can be expected within reason. My Premier, for me, is less than a week old. I bought it with 18,000 miles on it. I test drove a 2017 LT hatchback and it almost turned me off to buying a Cruze. Long story short I went back and test drove a Premier Sedan. Not going to say it was night and day but the car made me feel better about buying a Cruze. After 3 or 4 hundred miles I'm happy and digging the car.

One thing I did the other day on the way home from work was to go to a canyon road I hadn't been on in years...GMR. Glendora Mountain Road. It is super tight and super twisty. Elevation changes mixed with hair pin corners. The "S's" roll from high to low. There's nothing that's "flat" like the long sweepers in Angeles Crest. I set the Cruze in 3 Low and had myself some fun. It performed well...Well above my expectations.

I'm happy :shoot:

So I want to show what this car can do in the mountains of California and show it off...besides my smart phone, what are the best options and mounts for recording and editing?
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