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Going back to stock rear deck speakers - anyone have leftovers?

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I just bought a 2013 Cruze that has the Pioneer system. Looks like the previous owner replaced the rear deck speakers with Rockford’s but I am looking to go back to stock because in my opinion, stock speakers sound better with stock amp power and I things factory original.

Does anyone have a pair of factory rear deck speakers in good condition to get rid of? Otherwise I will order on Rock Auto for $60/pair but I thought I would check here first.

The PO also had subwoofer wiring that I removed yesterday (I still need to take the steering column apart to remove the blue switched ignition wire) and dark window tinting that is coming off today. The joys of buying a used car and undoing everything the first guy did!
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I found some factory speakers locally, installed, sounds much better!!

I had trouble finding the right mounting bolts but if anyone needs this for reference in the future...

I got the two screws from Autozone in a multipack that came with two pairs in different sizes labeled as “body bolts”. Lime green packaging. “Brand is Needa?”. Size M4.2x20mm. Cost $3.50. Fit perfectly for length and even the attached washer size.
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