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Going for 1,000 mile tank

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As some of you may know, I have had several 900+ mile tanks over the last few months. I am flirting with the 1000 mile tank and figured I would start logging my stats.

I will add more details as to tricks and techniques as I have time.

I have 18 gallons of useable fuel onboard, so 55.6 mpg average will be required. (I will not entertain fuel capacity arguments)

Currently I can maintain 56+ mpg for 700+ miles on my weekly commute. The weekend errands have been what has kept me from the 1000 mile tank. I started this week with a 230 mile head start as I filled up in Ohio on the way back from Lordstown.

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That's what people said when I announced I was going for an 800 mile tank in my ECO MT.
Were you ever able to get an 800 mile tank out of your Eco MT?
I started with 16.0 to 16.1 gallons in my tank and averaged over 50 MPG the entire tank. I don't have the modified fuel pump. My normal fill is to the first dollar after first click off, which does give me some really strange tank to tank MPG numbers but it averages out over time. Interesting thing is that the station I did this at I can no longer trickle fill. It appears they have replaced the underground pumps. Here's the full thread:
So ... I'm confused here. You state that you started with ~16 gallons in your tank ... and your DIC says you used 15+ gallons, yet your photos show the fuel gauge needle at/below E and you put less than 12 gallons back in the tank? I know a Cruze Eco will not hold 16+ gallons of fuel if you stop filling at the first click, then the second one ... unless you trickle the fuel in after those first 2 clicks. I'd show pretty good mpg if I filled my car to the neck to start a test, then only to the 1st/2nd click. But I guess you DID still get over 800 miles on a FULL 16.3 gallon tank of fuel. Just having trouble with the fuel used according to the DIC, and what you started with compared to what you put in.
Well done Brad on the 1K mile tank on the Diesel! Rain certainly takes it's toll on mpg ratings. It also looks like you maintained a pretty good rate for your average speed on that tank. I'm almost kicking myself in the arse for NOT waiting to buy a '17 diesel Cruze (hopefully with 6MT) instead of buying that darn Camaro for my wife! Then again, I guess it's better that I kick my own, instead of having her do it :grin:
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