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Good news everyone. The OEM non fog light switch can be made to trigger the fogs

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So, I know that GM will do anything to save a buck on these cars and I guessed that the pcb, printed circuit board, would be identical in Cruzes with and without fog lights.

I started out by completely tearing down the module. First you need to remove the indicator dial by gripping the outer ring and pressing in with your thumbs. Second, start prying out on the six tabs that line the outer edge. And finally use a small screwdriver to pry on the tabs holding the fake button in.
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Next I located the tabs that controlled the fog lights and soldered leads to pads for testing. I used a multimeter to find the correct locations.
The Euro version has front and rear fog lights. The blue wire is the front, and the green wire is the rear. The white with blue stripe is a ground.
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I reassembled everything making sure that I didn't work the solder loose from any of the pads and stuck it back in my car. By briefly touching the blue wire to the white with blue stripe I was able to turn on and off the fog lights. The bcm acts as the latch to latch the lights on or off.
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This is a great way to check if you need your bcm reprogrammed or drill a hole and use a small momentary tact switch superglued on the inside of the fake button to trigger your aftermarket fog lights.
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