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Got into a minor accident...

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This must be a bad year for cruzes, was on the way home and was forced into an adjacent lane by a jeep, got clipped by an kept on driving, probably aware of what they caused. No major damage, just took off the mirror and scuffed up the paint. Neither of us were found at fault, cops undertood that if the jeep had hit me it would have been far far worse...

Oh well, things happen as they say

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did you have a dash camera? IMO best investment in any car
That stinks. I'm just about ready to purchase a dash cam myself.
That stinks. I'm just about ready to purchase a dash cam myself.
Best investment for your car. I haven't captured any accidents yet, thankfully, but if the time comes I know my second set of eyes will be there for me.
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This is why I have a dashcam. Fortunately I haven't "needed" it, but the piece of mind is liberating.
I also have a dash cam, I bought this one on amazon because it had good reviews.

It works great. Sorry to hear about you and your car's misfortune. :(
In my opinion, dash cams should be REQUIRED on all new vehicles as factory-installed equipment. Maybe one of these years they will be!
Close calls practically everyday, roads are loaded with idiots. Constantly have to have a 360*, but sure doesn't help if some idiot oncoming in his no passing zone shoots out in front of you only giving you 0.2 seconds to react.

Wife swerved to avoid an idiot driving a pickup banging up our Cavalier, both I and our insurance company said, should of let that idiot hit you, wasn't going that fast. Collision went against us.

Its a shame that guy in that Jeep got away with murder.
Get a dash cam, i have the KD Links X1and its great. Got my accident 2 months ago when someone rear ended me causing me to rear end another person in front. The guy tried to play it off and blame me. Once i said "once the cops come ill show him the dash cam" on my laptop where i had with me at the time he puckered up and he got a few tickets. Failure to follow at a safe distance and operating a mobile device while driving. Say the guy ran and passed me, the dash cam gets the plate pretty clearly if you review it frame by frame. Best investment so i can lower my insurance coverage a bit and up the deductables!

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