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Got my First Cruze - replaced a Sonic

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Hello everyone! I got my first Cruze, a 2017 Cruze Diesel Sedan with a Manual transmission, this past Monday (6/26/17) after Stella, my 2013 Chevy Sonic RS ("The Cadillac of Sonics") had a Cooling Fan failure that was going to take an unknown amount of time to fix, since the part was on National Backorder. I spend my days at Cadillac Dealerships in the Midwest and Mid-South training sales people (and often times service advisors) about the vehicles (features, benefits, systems, etc.), so I am around cars all day long. I also drive a LOT, and my Sonic RS, which I loved, had just under 160K miles on her. The fine folks at Cannon Chevy-Buick GMC-Cadillac had one Cruze Diesel in stock, I test drove it for about five miles, and decided to buy it. They were great, and I went on my merry way in a nice new car. I had about a 100 mile drive to my next stop, and I averaged 51 miles per gallon on that trip!

I've now put over 700 miles on my Cruze TD "Zool" (yes, named after the minion of Gozer). I filled him up with fuel for the first time today, and found that I got 52.5 MPG on that first tankful of Diesel! I am confident that I'll see numbers higher than that in the future.

I love the car, and the torque is amazing! The shifter works pretty well, too, and the pedals are well set up for heel-and-toe downshifts. Looking forward to many miles with Zool.
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I notice you have a Triumph Street Triple R. That's a super nice bike! Triumph makes one of my favourite bikes, the Daytona 675. Hopefully I'll have one in a couple of years. Currently I have a 2006 CBR600RR and a 2015 Yamaha FZ07.

Anyways, welcome to the forums and enjoy the new Cruze!
Welcome to the community! Excellent decision to get the manual. You'll have to post some pics when you get a chance, also I'd love to see pics of that Triumph. Enjoy!
I too switched from a 2013 Sonic to a Cruze (both automatics) but only because I found the Sonic to be a bit too small. I liked the Sonic, it ran great and was a nice vehicle but I really love my Cruze!
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Summit White Diesel...a car after my own heart.

Welcome, love that fuel efficiency!
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Congrats and welcome.
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Thanks for the compliment on my Street Triple R! Sounds like a nice pair of bikes in your garage, too! Zool is a Manual transmission Cruze Diesel (check my signature). I'll be racking up serious miles shortly...!
Thanks! This is actually my third consecutive Summit White Chevrolet! 2011 Malibu LT, then the Sonic RS hatch and now my Cruze TD. It wasn't planned out that way, just how it happened.
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You wanted a picture of the Triumph, but I've included a photo of both of my two-wheelers with last Summer's "Cadillac Demo" vehicle I was able to drive for my job (from late May until Halloween). It was a 2016 Cadillac CT6 Platinum with the 3.6L V6 engine. I hope you like the photo, y'all!

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Congrats and Welcome to CruzeTalk!
Welcome aboard.
Welcome Aboard!:welcome:
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