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Granddaughter turned 4 years of age and graduated into a booster seat.

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Wisconsin state law, 4 years old and over 41 pounds. Goodbye to her baby seat hello to a booster seat.

Don't get it, about five inches tall, no back, and uses the conventional shoulder/lap belt. Guess I never noticed how deep those pockets are in the rear seat with leather where the buckles are located. Wife can't even dig those out to snap in the buckles, even I have a heck of a time.

Wonder why the Cruze people did this, if they were 2" longer, wouldn't be a problem. Those buried deep U clips for a conventional baby seat were bad enough, could only release those with a long pair of nose pliers. These buried seat belts are even worse as we were shopping around for birthday presents and had to release and attach them each time. With her baby seat, was only a fight at the beginning and end of the weekend.

We haven't taken her little brother yet, almost a year old now, born on 11/11/11, not sure if we can deal with both a baby and a booster seat, one reason my wife wanted a four door. Cruze is not very baby and young child friendly in this respect.

Shame on you.
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Holy Smoke! I can just picture what you're going thru. I do not understand why they did not make them longer?

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Can your dealership extend the buckle receivers in the back?
This is what I have for my son when he turned 4 (now 5)

FRONTIER 85 - Car Seats - Britax USA

I will tell you it's the biggest pain in the ass to use due to the Cruze's back seat being slanted upright. No matter how much I tighten down it still moves from side to side a little because the rear of the car seat makes no contact with the bottom-back of the seat.
We have Recaro Young Sport seats in the Cruze. These are rated up to at least 60 (maybe 80) lbs, with great protection. These are convertible, so the kids had them as regular car seats (built in harness) until they were old enough. Not inexpensive, but hey, they're my kids.

Does your Cruze have the center-fold rear seat? I do, and I found that it holds the seat belts into a position where I can reach the buckle without much struggle. Agreed, they are recessed to far (as are the LATCH connections, but most cars seem to have that problem).

A short seat belt extender may help, and they aren't very expensive.
Meant to ask if anyone else is having this problem. Had thoughts of buying a seat and just leaving it in there and like those ones with cup holders built in. She doesn't have problems in her dad's Nitro or Taurus, can fasten her own seat belt. Quite good about that, been brainwashed since she was born.

After having this Cruze for almost a year now, don't recall of even a grown up riding in the rear seat. And actually never tried attaching the safety belt myself. Car does have that center fold down armrest.
I have two kids ages 12 and 10. They ride in the back all the time. It used to take them forever to dig out the seat belt in the seat to latch. Sometimes I would have to get out and dig it out of the seat and latch it myself. Got sooo tried of it being such a PITA, so I took some foam, folded it a couple times, pulled up on the latch as much as it would go and jammed the foam under it. It only raised it a very small amount, but was enough for them to at least be able to latch it themselves...even though it still takes a bit. Most times, it's children in the back....why GM ever though having seat belt latches like this was OK, is beyond me. I honestly think that EVERY design team for every product made, should have at least one woman on the team...because Mom's think about stupid little stuff like this. LOL
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