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Great deal on brakes and tires!

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Ok gents. If you are looking good for a great deal on some tires and brakes look no further. I have been relentlessly searching the interwebz for the best deals available and I've decided I should share my findings with this awesome community.

There is a little work to get this price but it's well worth it in my opinion. I went to all my local tire shops and got price quotes for tires that never dropped below $400 with installation. These quotes were for the shops cheapest tires. Quotes for brand name tires were ranging from $500-$600+ with installation. After much searching online I managed to find Goodyear ultra high performance all season tires for around $420 installed. How?
Fist you will have to sign up for a goodyear credit card. This is crucial as it allows you to get DOUBLE the normal rebate. Next visit on a mobile device and find a set of goodyear tires that qualify for their current rebate program and add them to your cart. At the top of the page their is a coupon you can add to your cart for $30 off a set of 4 tires just for using the mobile site. Shipping is free if you send the tires to an installer. Purchase the tires with your Goodyear credit card and be sure to go to their website and register for the rebate. My tires were $460 minus the $30 coupon and $80 in rebate the tires ultimately cost $350 plus tax. I can get them installed for $63. The tires I got are Goodyear Eagle Sport All-Season. They are considered ultra high performance.

Brakes? The original pads and rotors are still on the front of my Cruze. My rotors are slightly warped and it's only noticable when braking from high speeds but getting the rotors resurfaced would only make them more susceptible to warping further so they need to be replaced. Local shops sell rotors. $40 each for cheap rotors that would just warp again no doubt. Pads are around $40 for a set. $120 from local shop for garbage? No thanks. I managed to find the EBC Stage 1 brake kit for $112 shipped
Just be sure to use this coupon code for 15% off: SP24812

There are deals out there if you dig for them. I hope some people find this information helpful. If you know where to get a good deal for some parts please share with the rest of us.
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While I can't figure out if this is just a commercial, your link leads to nowhere?

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This is not a commercial lol, I am in no way affiliated with either website or any of the companies mentioned. Let me see if I can fix the link.
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Thanks for the info. Just looked into this tire and see it only has a 50k mile treadwear warranty. Seems little low on warranty miles
There are several tires that Goodyear has available with rebates. If you visit their website you can view the tires that qualify.
Keep us updated on those tires. I'm curious how you like them. I've never owned a "good" set of Goodyears and from working in a tire store for a couple of years, i know a lot of of people that share the same experiences. It sounds like you did a lot of work shopping for the best deal though, so hopefully they treat you well.
I got the front brakes I ordered installed. Talk about an upgrade over the stock pads/rotors. These things will throw you forward your seat belt will lock up in a heartbeat. I had all the fluid flushed and replaced with Amsoil series 500 DOT 3 and it greatly improved the feel of the pedal. I also adusted the rear brakes and it made a big difference. I'll update on the tires when I get them installed.
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