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Great deals on Cruzes to be had now IMHO

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Three weeks ago, I traded my reliable '08 Cobalt XFE 4-door, 106K miles, on a new Cruze. I figured with Lordstown laying off the third shift and the glut in dealer inventories I'd been hearing about, it was time to shop.

I originally wanted an LS, but found it couldn't be had with Sirius radio.

My dealer had one car of each model's line available at 'Red Tag' (I think it's called) special pricing. They had one LT at $17,395 (sticker $22,325). I bought that car. I was pleased to see it was recent inventory (built in Dec. '16).

I had $3,000 in GM card money, $1,500 from a customer goodwill letter I had from GM about a specific complaint on another car, and they gave me $1,000 to finance through GM which made money sense based on the amount I was borrowing. I got $2,400 trade for my Cobalt.

Before trade, I got the new Cruze for $11,895. I realize the GM card money and goodwill cash was something that most customers don't have.

I am giddy about the car, especially at that price. Now if I can find a way that the A/C doesn't automatically turn on in the morning the second I turn the fan on. :)
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Looks like I missed you when you joined,

Welcome Aboard!:welcome: and congrats on the new Cruze

Wow, that's awesome. Mine was a red tag sale too - the incentives made it too hard to pass up.
Pretty awesome man! Great deal you got.
Do you have the old GM Card with the $500 per year earning limit? If so did you receive a Bonus offer in January expiring 2/28/17? If so for how much?

I got a $750 top up, and I'm wondering how high these early spring bonus offers get with the GM card. Next year I'll have close to $3000 earned, combine that with a top off offer, and I might be shopping.

Welcome to the forum!
Welcome to the Cruze family!

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Great deal! Welcome to the forum!
That's an awesome deal. Welcome to the Cruze Forum!
I sold myself mine in December, unfortunately. hahaha. I sold myself my girfriend's last month. Mine a manual hatch, hers an auto LT sedan. Hers stickered for more than mine, but I got hers for about 3 grand less. Go figure. :p

However, the deals this month are significantly less favorable than last month, and next month will be worse.
NO QUESTION deals on these cars are unprecedented. The segment is pretty dead right now, there's 150+ days of '17 Cruze alone out there, and the packaging content/pricing of the Gen2 is wacked expensive up against the competition.

When will GM figure out how to market a car? World class products marketed all wrong...

I just bought one too didn't really need it but will replace an older GP in the fleet as a driver.

'16 LT
Red Hot
convenience pack
sun and sound

33 miles

$25335 MSRP

$24200 supplier priced

-5000 red tag
-1000 local auto show (who know what that really is, I don't care maybe split off an actual 6K red tag?)
-500 loyalty
-500 farm Bureau
-1750 card points (1K redemption limit on Cruze + $750 bonus)
$8750 stacked off the $24200 supplier price

I took the 0% free money in lieu of an additional 1K rebate 'cause in the end it was $240 less if financing goes to term.

$17634 OTD

​I couldn't not buy it!
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Both of mine were similar, except with employee pricing.
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