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Greetings from the moon !

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After 242k miles I have recently arrived on the moon, it only took 30 months driving an avg of 60mph. I have averaged approximately 48.8 mpg during my adventure. The main reason of this post is to update my repair list after a few insignificant leaks along the way. All of these repairs have been very minor.  

30k a/c not cold ( recharge ) - warranty
100k oil pan reseal (oil leak ) - warranty
105k valve cover ( air leak )
180k valve cover ( air leak )
185k water pump ( coolant leak )
190k purge valve ( emissions )
235k overflow hose ( coolant leak )
240k front crankshaft seal ( oil leak )

This is a list of replacements I dont consider repairs. The water pump was still working and not leaking, the oil drain thread was stripped, and the oil pan required a reseal after 15k miles for an unknown reason.

205k water pump replaced ( noise ) - warranty - unnecessary - still working
220k oil pan replaced ( stripped plug thread ) - improper use
235k oil pan reseal ( oil leak ) - warranty - improper install

After repairing the recent crankshaft seal leak I cleaned the engine one last time before winter.

Link to a bigger picture.
I will upload better pictures with more light Sunday afternoon

I must say my confidence is at an all time high. I have recently inspected this engine thoroughly from top to bottom, front to back, and I am genuinely impressed at how well this compact and efficient engine is holding up. With the exception of the oil at the TB there are currently no other leaks to report.

I have a good feeling about this cruze.
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I hope I can do the same. It has always been my fortune to buy a new car after a few years. Not because I needed to; but typically boredom. Now I am married I don't that much any more or for the "fun of it to stay out of the house". My last long "termer" was my 2002 Alero traded @ 88K after 5 years. I would love to see "6 figures" on my odo(also on my paycheck)! LOL Work is only 9 miles away and no where exciting to drive to anymore with gas @ 3.50 + a gallon. When I used to drive a lot gas was only @$2 and I drove to Cali. Haven't been that far in my Cruze yet just Fla once. Today I may do some driving for the sake of driving. but I was looking to change my oil and rotate my tires today.
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