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Greetings from the moon !

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After 242k miles I have recently arrived on the moon, it only took 30 months driving an avg of 60mph. I have averaged approximately 48.8 mpg during my adventure. The main reason of this post is to update my repair list after a few insignificant leaks along the way. All of these repairs have been very minor.  

30k a/c not cold ( recharge ) - warranty
100k oil pan reseal (oil leak ) - warranty
105k valve cover ( air leak )
180k valve cover ( air leak )
185k water pump ( coolant leak )
190k purge valve ( emissions )
235k overflow hose ( coolant leak )
240k front crankshaft seal ( oil leak )

This is a list of replacements I dont consider repairs. The water pump was still working and not leaking, the oil drain thread was stripped, and the oil pan required a reseal after 15k miles for an unknown reason.

205k water pump replaced ( noise ) - warranty - unnecessary - still working
220k oil pan replaced ( stripped plug thread ) - improper use
235k oil pan reseal ( oil leak ) - warranty - improper install

After repairing the recent crankshaft seal leak I cleaned the engine one last time before winter.

Link to a bigger picture.
I will upload better pictures with more light Sunday afternoon

I must say my confidence is at an all time high. I have recently inspected this engine thoroughly from top to bottom, front to back, and I am genuinely impressed at how well this compact and efficient engine is holding up. With the exception of the oil at the TB there are currently no other leaks to report.

I have a good feeling about this cruze.
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So, engine looks beautiful and all... but where's the odometer pic? :)
Awesome!!! But how did you get such high avg mpg? That's higher than the rated highway only.
CEBT can certainly correct me, but I believe nearly all of his driving is rural highway at around 50-55mph. I myself can hit 50mpg on certain short trip routes of ~20 miles according to my calibrated UltraGauge in my Eco. I drive mostly city and I'm just a few under the highway rating for lifetime. The Eco 6MT is a mpg machine.

Well everyone knows there is no atmosphere in space so of course resistance goes down and your mpg goes up! LOL!
Breathing be damned, it's all bout those MPGs! :grin:

For anyone interested in this sort of thing, this is a to-scale shot of what CEBT just accomplished.

Keep in mind how insignificantly small of a spec the Cruze is on that pretty blue marble. For the 15' long Cruze to be visible as 1 pixel on a 20" HD 1920x1080 computer monitor, this image cropped at the outside edges of the Earth and Moon would have to be over 14 miles wide. Really. I did the math.
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