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Greetings from the moon !

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After 242k miles I have recently arrived on the moon, it only took 30 months driving an avg of 60mph. I have averaged approximately 48.8 mpg during my adventure. The main reason of this post is to update my repair list after a few insignificant leaks along the way. All of these repairs have been very minor.  

30k a/c not cold ( recharge ) - warranty
100k oil pan reseal (oil leak ) - warranty
105k valve cover ( air leak )
180k valve cover ( air leak )
185k water pump ( coolant leak )
190k purge valve ( emissions )
235k overflow hose ( coolant leak )
240k front crankshaft seal ( oil leak )

This is a list of replacements I dont consider repairs. The water pump was still working and not leaking, the oil drain thread was stripped, and the oil pan required a reseal after 15k miles for an unknown reason.

205k water pump replaced ( noise ) - warranty - unnecessary - still working
220k oil pan replaced ( stripped plug thread ) - improper use
235k oil pan reseal ( oil leak ) - warranty - improper install

After repairing the recent crankshaft seal leak I cleaned the engine one last time before winter.

Link to a bigger picture.
I will upload better pictures with more light Sunday afternoon

I must say my confidence is at an all time high. I have recently inspected this engine thoroughly from top to bottom, front to back, and I am genuinely impressed at how well this compact and efficient engine is holding up. With the exception of the oil at the TB there are currently no other leaks to report.

I have a good feeling about this cruze.
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My job security as a courier with the bank is always in jeopardy. Unfortunately and eventually my contract will expire, it could be in a couple months or years, I just dont know. Im optimistic for another 2 years and hopefully more, by then the Cruze will have paid for itself which has always been a long term goal of mine. With my fingers crossed and wishing for the best, its time to return back to earth.... heres to another 250k !
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Interior is the same as it was when I bought it new.
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Yes im always the only person in it. I keep it very clean.
Here is a link to my post about the noise.

Long story short the noise started 15k miles after the new pump was installed. The water pump noise was only noticable at normal operating temperature, at idle and would go away if I pressed the throttle even slightly. The water pump was replaced and 15k miles later the same noise returned. I decided to keep the pump even with the noise that could be heard randomly at idle. So far the pump has 40k miles total and 25k miles since it started to make the noise. The pump works properly and is not leaking. The water pump is under a lifetime warranty so I can have it replaced anytime if the dealer and I suspect an issue with it.
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So, engine looks beautiful and all... but where's the odometer pic? :)
Just reached 250k today and to celebrate im replacing the spark plugs after 70k miles.

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This is my first new vehicle so its been sort of an experiment on how to properly maintain a vehicle. Over the past 2 years I have researched car maintenance and feel confident in the future I will have a better understanding on how to properly maintain a vehicle. To answer your question regarding the mileage... im a courier in Idaho driving about 370 miles M-F.

Here is a completed list of all the maintenance.

top tier Conoco Phillips 87 non ethanol I fillup everyday.
ACDelco Syn Blend every 6k

40k cabin filter - engine air filter
75k spark plugs - coil pack <-- torn boot during removal
80k cabin - engine air filter
85k oem goodyear fuel max
100k Switched to Mobil1 EP every 6k
110k transmission fluid - 58 oz
115k both oxygen sensors replaced
125k spark plugs - coil pack <-- torn boot during removal
140k coolant flush
140k break fluid flush
140k front end alignment
150k cabin - engine air filter
165k transmission fluid - 64 oz
170k front end alignment
175k oem goodyear fuel max tires
175k clutch fluid flush
180k Switched to top tier Chevron 91 10% ethanol
180k spark plugs
185k serpent belt
205k cabin - engine air filter
210k both oxygen sensors replaced
220k transmission fluid 62 oz
240k tensioner replaced
240k serpent belt
245k oem goodyear fuel max tires
250k spark plugs
250k cabin air filter

This weekend I plan on opening up the rear drums to inspect and clean something I plan on doing more often.
Plans for future maintenance include.... clutch and brake fluid exchange, coolant flush, transmission fluid, new shocks and new brakes.
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Congratulations on hitting the quarter-mil mark! Just curious, because I didn't notice anywhere in the thread, if you've replaced the clutch yet or if not, how the factory clutch is holding out. Sorry if this was mentioned already and I just missed it.

I've been a little apprehensive about long-term life of the clutch, because it feels like I have to constantly ride mine to get going from a stop. Especially if I'm pulling into traffic, I've noticed the eco likes to fall flat on its face in first without slipping the clutch. I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed this? Long-term, I've got an uneasy feeling about it.
This cruze has 250k miles of which 25k are city and 225k are highway. Obviously the majority of the miles are 6th gear with minimal shifting however I still do average in a year 25k miles of stop and go city driving which is close to the amount an average driver per year. So the clutch and tranmission still do receieve a daily workout.

To answer your question, the clutch is original and still firm. The overall feel of the shifting is still very similar compared to when it was new. I will say the clutch has become easier to cause to slip while accelerating from a stop on a small hill or incline. I think this is a result of wear but mostly my footwork as I tend to accelerate slower then the average stop light racer.

I will say as long as your confident in your abilty and experience to shift, the clutch should last the average driver an average amount of miles : P
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On page one I share a list of repairs, page five I share a list of maintenance. Yes I replaced the pump twice although the second time it was replaced was unncessary.
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