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Grounding location for stereo

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I am in the process of installing a stereo in my car and am trying to figure out a good ground location. Where are you grounding your system? There are a couple of small ground points behind the trim in the trunk, but I'm not sure if that is sufficient. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Thanks. I've read backseat seat belt bolt, ground on the rear well, under the spare tire, and make a ground with a bolt and grinding off the paint. I'm not certain about the ground on the rear wheel well, it looks pretty small and already has a couple of grounds on it. The wire I have is not flexible enough to be used for the spare tire and I would have to cut a hole in a trim panel and I would like to avoid that. Which leaves making a ground and using the seat belt bolt.

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I haven't done an install in a Cruze, but I usually use somewhere under the spare tire in the trunk for a negative ground.
What do you do for your positive grounds :unsure:
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