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Jerry the mighty tune guy from BNR has let us know of the discount that he offers in case we reach a group buy for the EFI Live tune.
The discount is as follows:
regular price is $550 (no discount here of course)
5 people: $499
10 people: $475
20 people: $425
And someone suggested 30 people: $100 (this one was a joke calm down)

Whoever wants to join us in the group buy please let us know by adding a comment. (Please be serious when committing to this purchase)
Price does not include tax or shipping
If for some reason you add a performance part in your cruze such as a cai, down/mid pipe, catback, new turbo; a new tune can be created at NO cost as long as you have your BNR handheld device.
Any questions please post them below

people in the list:

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I'm more than happy to combine Cruze/Sonic too, maybe join forces with those guys?
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